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Professional business experience that you can trust
K4IT have over twenty five years experience across corporate IT ( e.g. Dell, NCR ), the public sector and small business.

Experience ranges from systems design & development, manufacturing, logistics to professional project and change management.

K4IT will quickly understand your requirements and work with you to identify, define and develop an efficient solution based upon your needs and budget.

For systems development based upon knowledge and experience, talk to K4IT.
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"Ultratec chose K4IT to develop our new web shop, replacing our old, neglected e-shop. The development included data integration with our Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system & real-time synchronisation of over 60,000 products & prices.

K4IT discovered our requirements, identified the best approach and developed & deployed the full solution.

Good communication was key in this project as we had to overcome some hurdles along the way. K4IT always kept us in the loop so that we could work together to obtain the best possible results.
K4IT are quick to help with any queries, either by email, phone, on-line conference or in person.

We continue to work together to build site traffic, driving sales & interest in Ultratec."

Ross at Ultratec Limited
"I asked K4IT to produce a website devoted to a novel I had written. I was very pleased with the result. The design is elegant, with a good appreciation of the aesthetics, achieving the look that I wanted. The price point was reasonable, and care was taken over the details. If you're looking to have a website professionally designed, I would recommend them."

Brian at seriesfinale.co.uk
"Thank you so much for your help .. everyone thinks it's great.. gallery's like it as well"

Charmaine at charmaine-rose-art.uk
"Thank you so much to K4IT who have created a fantastic website for my new business."

Sarah at Harpers Hair Extensions
"We selected K4IT to build a new website for our e-greetings service. This involved building the website based on our front-end design brief, integrating e-commerce, providing access to our staff for editing the website, and supporting our queries in using the site.

K4IT were very helpful throughout the development process, providing detailed feedback and suggesting appropriate changes to our brief where necessary, and researching what was best for our requirements.

A useful training session was provided in how to use the administration pages of the website and extra advice given by telephone and email.

Deploying the live website was made as simple as possible and K4IT were always quick to respond to any questions and to monitoring of the site during busy periods. This was a great help for us in getting used to the new website and it was a reassurance to be able to call on K4IT for advice when needed."

Alastair at 4C For Charity
"I have found K4IT an excellent solution for the development and implementation of our customer workflow system. Based in Los Angeles, USA we had a multitude of companies to choose from but on the recommendation of another UK based company we settled on using K4IT.
From our initial brief, which involved mapping a system that encompassed not only the USA operation but also our manufacturing facility in Bangkok, Thailand, K4IT was instrumental in refining our ideas for ease of use through exhaustive and tireless collaboration creating solutions when none seemed possible.
After implementation K4IT worked through any issues that arose quickly and efficiently and were patient with us as we adjusted to the new paperless format.
We have always been impressed that the system was delivered in the time frame promised and when we need to reach out to K4IT for help, despite an eight-hour time difference, this has never been an issue in getting the quickest possible response. I would have no hesitation in recommending K4IT to any company or individual interested in developing a web-based solution."

Tony at Product Confidential
“We've been extremely pleased with K4IT and would like to thank them for all the work they have put in for us.  We had an overload of work and needed someone with experience that could quickly learn our systems and get stuck in.  We were able to offload almost an entire project onto K4IT as well as involving them in a range of other projects, allowing us to meet some very tight deadlines.  K4IT were able to work under this pressure and implement thorough testing of the development work throughout.
Our main requirement was a project working with difficult technical guidelines from a major corporation and K4IT's experience made them invaluable when dealing with the challenges of this project.
K4IT's wide range of experience has also been invaluable to us when planning future projects and they provided us with regular consultations and took part in a number of group meetings.
We very much have our own way of working and finding someone who can so quickly fit in the with the team and be so productive is difficult, so it has been great to have K4IT working with us, they did exactly that
We very much look forward to working on other projects with K4IT in the future.”

Greg at Fluid Studios
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Without obligation we can correspond via email, organise a call, Skype or get together to discuss your requirement in more detail.

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K4IT Service Coverage
Based in Sandy, just off the A1 motorway, K4IT primarily serve individuals, organisations and businesses in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Buckinghamshire. However, having provided services directly to the US, for example, we are happy to provide services anywhere in the UK or further afield.

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