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Siteinabox mobile friendly website design by K4IT Sandy, Bedfordshire

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Easy for you to update & amend
Mobile ready
Budget site from £200 *
A website that can grow with your business
Bespoke web design - just bring your ideas!
K4IT will provide

concept creation or design from your ideas
build custom page layouts
configure content - slideshows, tabs, accordions
deploy / source custom images for design concept
mobile-ready responsive pages as standard
content management training included
free support

Bespoke designs will be priced by quotation, typically starting from £400 *

Take the fast track to a new, dynamic website!
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Simple web design - your website on a budget
Based on our current range of designs K4IT will build you up to four pages in a suitable style.

Using your content, logo, images, colours, etc we will agree layouts and K4IT will build the pages.

You can then add or change pages and content using our content manager or come back to K4IT for additional pages as they are needed.

A quality, expandable, mobile ready responsive website, on a budget.

A simple site will cost £200 * with free support
DIY web design - get the help that you need!
Should you want to build your new website yourself, or you have a limited budget you can take a DIY approach and just get the help that you need.

• Fully integrated content manager
• On-page editing, add your content and view how it looks as you build it
• Build you own slideshows, tab sections, accordions, tables
Mobile ready responsive pages

K4IT can help as much or as little as you like

DIY sites cost £50 plus £50 per year for hosting *
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Flexible page development options

With SiteInABox™ it is easy to build your own pages and content.

But if you are time limited or a little nervous, K4IT can build pages for you

• administrative, basic pages
• custom pages
• bespoke page layout & styling
• bespoke content build

Prices for single pages start at £50 *
SiteInABox™ Headlines
Here you will find headlines & extended details of our mobile-friendly framework


which allows the build of a website to match your design, or for us to develop a design & website for you
Download our Guide
You can download our solutions document here
Download: K4IT Solutions Autumn 2017 - A Guide
What's in K4IT's SiteInABox™?
  • In-page content manager & editor

  • Powerful page components

  • Rich, diverse content types

  • Flexible page headers & footers

  • Administration section

  • Scheduled tasks

  • Optimised infrastructure

  • Security & Encryption

  • Vulnerability & penetration testing

  • Diagnostics, speed testing, et al

  • Automated emails

Key Features of K4IT's SiteInABox™?
  • Responsive, mobile ready

  • Your design, layout and styling

  • Easy additional pages

  • Multi-level user access control

  • Fine tune search, SEO & Google

  • Anti-spam

  • CHAT Service for your customers

  • User profile management

  • Contact / enquiry form(s)

  • Modular build

  • Ongoing release management

SiteInABox™ Functionality
Responsive, mobile ready
SiteInABox™ is designed as a responsive page delivery mechanism, so that your pages will deploy to desktop, mobile or tablet, working with touch based devices

SiteInABox™ passes Google’s mobile tests
In-page content manager
You can build, edit & monitor your solution using our SiteInABox™ Content Manager, an in-page editor giving access to the large array of features that the system can deliver
Design, layout and styling
Most websites & applications will benefit from a common design or theme, although many tie the user to a template, which restricts design options.

SiteInABox™ has a built-in CSS3 styling system that can be configured with a wide range of styles to deliver your design without restricting you to a fixed template anything anywhere!
  • pages can be delivered to a specific layout
  • individual page layouts can be customised using components
Each individual component or content item can deploy a default style or customisation to whatever extent required
Pages can be added in seconds with their own specific settings based on defaults
You can then add required components and content
SiteInABox™ offers a range of components that can be deployed as required to build the structure and content of one, several or all pages
  • sections - regions of the page to contain other components
  • articles - a 3-column grid structure for adding individual content
  • menus – define a menu and menu items, placed in a section
  • forms – generally system defined, e.g. login, edit data, contact us
  • banner – add a banner of text / images
  • accordions – vertical list of content, one is selected / visible
  • tabbers – horizontal tabs of content, one is selected / visible below
  • system – various system features
  • social – social media link menu
Some components can be nested inside each other, eg sub-sections; accordions & tabbers with nested components
Rich, diverse content types
SiteInABox™ provides for a range of content:
  • standard – a block of content with header, text & media
  • table – a grid of text, images or links
  • slideshow – a slideshow of text and / or images, timers & effects
  • gallery – a gallery of images, videos or documents
  • blog – a one-way ‘diary-style’ stream of author posts & media
  • forums – two-way discussions via forums, threads & posts
  • events – display an events calendar
  • discography – display a collection, in this case albums and songs
  • lyrics – display lyrics for an album of songs
  • geo-map – for displaying supplier locations
  • form – display custom form
  • eCommerce – various components e.g. breadcrumbs, search results
  • custom products – various content
  • graphs – custom graphical utilities
  • twitter – insert Twitter feed
  • the list continues to grow..
Content can be placed in / moved to any articles component
CHAT Service for your customers
We recently added a CHAT service to the framework
This allows you to monitor your web site and respond to customer enquiries via a secure, live CHAT facility in real-time
Our CHAT solution is native within SiteInABox™, so no additional software or pop-ups, just fast, direct customer service
Search, SEO & Google
SiteInABox™ is designed to be SEO friendly, giving you meta data access, friendly page URLs and Google Analytics linkage
A simple click on menu options allow you to produce & refresh robots.txt instructions for SEO Robots and complex Sitemaps for Search Engine registration
There is also a live feed to Google Shopping, if required
  • Server - as an outline, SiteInABox™ and ShopInABox™ operate on a LAMP stack web server using modern technologies
  • Hosting - typically, your server will be hosted in a state of the art Data Centre either on a server that you lease directly from a provider, or hosted for you by K4IT
  • Software stack - delivered by a modern stack using industry standard frameworks including Zend
  • The solution is an optimised MVC framework using features including GZIP compression, minified code & cache
SiteInABox™ is modular, you only use / pay for the modules that your solution requires. Other modules are switched off. Modules and code are optimised so that code is loaded only when required
Ongoing release management
  • As SiteInABox™ is a single framework, generally for ongoing clients, K4IT can offer ongoing release management as part of the hosting or support service
  • This means that as we improve the product or add new features, they will be available to your solution
Page headers & footers
  • Generally, page headers and footers are common to all pages for a website or shop
  • Headers & footers are built within the appropriate Sections using Components and Content
  • Any page can have custom headers & footers where required
Multi-level user access control
SiteInABox™ includes a range of user roles and role access control for pages, menu items, content & data, allowing detailed access profiling
Administration section
The Admin section allows access to SiteInABox™ Settings, a number of Admin functions & reports (e.g. visit statistics), together with access to all data and content stored within SiteInABox™
Security & Encryption
  • For business & commercial websites, encrypted HTTPS is recommended
  • User passwords are protected using two-stage verification and modern encryption algorithms
User profile management
The User can manage:
  • User profile (username, email  & password use additional security steps)
  • Address manager – multiple addresses, manage invoice & default delivery address (design for shopping sites)
  • Contact numbers
  • Company profile
  • With SiteInABox™ multiple users can be associated with one company & set of addresses
  • SiteInABox™ includes a Cookies disclaimer in line with EU privacy regulations
Scheduled tasks
SiteInABox™ includes a range of scheduled tasks which can be used for standard or customised activities, for example:
  • User invitations / emails
  • Product & manufacturer image loading
  • Data synchronisation with client systems
  • European customer VAT code verification
  • System / log maintenance
  • Custom product activities e.g. sending customer e-cards
Aside from server, data and code security, SiteInABox™ employs several techniques to avoid abuse by robots & spammers
Vulnerability & penetration testing
  • As an ongoing client, you can benefit from our programme of security testing
  • We regularly run tests to ensure that our servers & software are protected against security threats
  • As part of your hosting or support service agreement, K4IT can keep your solution updated with new developments or patches
Automated emails
SiteInABox™ provides for automated emails & administrator notifications for key activities
Diagnostics, speed testing, et al
  • As SiteInABox™ is developed, K4IT utilise a suite of diagnostics & speed tests to ensure that the solution is delivering your web site fast and efficiently
  • Mostly you will never see these but rest assured they exist and are deployed to ensure an optimal solution
Contact / enquiry form(s)
SiteInABox™ caters for these in addition to CHAT
Get a Quote
If you would like a quotation, have a query or just want to discuss an idea that you are kicking around, please do contact us.

Without obligation we can correspond via email, organise a call, Skype or get together to discuss your requirement in more detail.

Please email mike@k4it.co.uk or complete the form and click Send ( all fields required ).

K4IT Service Coverage
Based in Sandy, just off the A1 motorway, K4IT primarily serve individuals, organisations and businesses in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Buckinghamshire. However, having provided services directly to the US, for example, we are happy to provide services anywhere in the UK or further afield.

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* prices exclude VAT unless stated - Hosted websites & shops will be subject to a hosting fee of £50 per year after the first year
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